Price Comparison

We won’t mislead you about what you’re getting.


“Cubic metres” of logs

Some firewood suppliers often pass off their builder’s or “dumpy” bags of logs as a cubic metre when they’re not. These bags vary in size but often measure anywhere from: 

60cms x 60cms x 60cms (a volume of 0.216 cubic metres) to 

85cms x 85cms x 85cms (a volume of 0.614 cubic metres)

The above examples are clearly not a cubic metre

And if your logs are tipped from a trailer, how do you know you’re getting the cubic metres of logs that are promised?


Logs sold in “tonne” bags

Just because logs may be offered in a tonne bag, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a tonne! That’s just the weight that the bag is capable of carrying

We sell logs by volume, not weight. Beware of buying logs by weight; they may not be dry meaning that you are buying heavy, inefficient firewood. Our kiln-dried logs are a maximum of 20% moisture content


Our logs

Our logs are loose loaded into narrow access bags so the quantity/volume will vary slightly from bag to bag. A filled narrow access bag costing £54 measures, on average:

53cms x 53cms x 95cms

so the average volume of a narrow access bag filled level with the top is about 0.27 cubic metres


Price comparison

If our logs were sold by the equivalent volumes shown in the example at the top, they would cost:

£43.20* for 0.216 cubic metres (the volume of a bag measuring 60cm x 60cm x 60cm)

£122.80* for 0.614 cubic metres (the volume of a bag measuring 85cm x 85cm x 85cm)

Keep that in mind next time you see a builder’s bag of firewood that looks cheap. And remember that our logs are kiln-dried hardwood, conveniently delivered in easy-to-store, mess-free narrow access bags

 *Narrow-access bags priced at £54 per bag used in calculation. Price comparison correct at time of writing